Deploying Stateful Containers in the Cloud?

Nuvoloso was founded to make migrating and running container applications across clouds simpler, frictionless, more secure, and far less expensive. Today, we are focused on solving the problems linked with persistent data in multi-cloud environments ̶ and we are building a community of cloud adopters to guide development of solutions for early access and general release.


As applications move to the cloud, they shift from VMs to containers. Containers promise agile workloads, portable across clouds to: Optimize resources, deliver responsive service, and lower cost. But, containers don’t support compliant data standards for performance, security, availability, and protection. Managing persistent data in this environment is still a laborious– but required task.
  • Data management capabilities must be stood up and maintained for each target application environment: Projects can bog down, and user-driven initiatives may cut corners.
  • Changing environments or cloud providers requires changing implementations: Once moved, “portable” container apps tend to stay put– typically over-provisioned.
As a result, cost overruns, security breaches, data loss or cloud vendor lock-in can slow down cloud transformation and erode expected benefits.


  • Nuvoloso’s software adds portable enterprise data services such as protection, security, availability, and performance to container applications in the cloud.
  • Automated service-level delivery eliminates administrator complexity by automatically delivering resources and management operations to meet objectives.
  • An Intent-Based model enables self-service in an application user context based on desired outcomes.
Nuvoloso allows you to leverage the self-service agility of cloud providers without giving up the centralized control of on-prem environments. And unlike proprietary cloud offerings, Nuvoloso data management enables full workload portability between cloud environments– so you can fully optimize service delivery and IT spend, while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.


Nuvoloso runs with Kubernetes in your cloud environment, allowing you to modernize existing applications and deliver quick initial wins. When migrating, users can “order” capabilities to meet service level objectives (SLOs) based on desired outcomes, not technical implementation. Nuvoloso virtualizes the cloud resources and performs operations to deliver the SLOs without administrator involvement. The administration team, however, maintains centralized governance of the environment to ensure compliance and optimal resource utilization. Post- migration, Nuvoloso portability enables you to seamlessly move workloads and their data management services back in house if required– or migrate to more competitive cloud providers to decrease cost. Downstream, Nuvoloso delivers the same capabilities and benefits to organizations who wish to go beyond lift and shift– refactoring or re architecting applications where advantage can be gained.