Deploying Stateful Containers in the Cloud?​

Nuvoloso was founded to make migrating and running applications across clouds frictionless, more secure, and affordable.  Today, we are building software to solve the problem of managing persistent data in Kubernetes deployments.  At the same time, we are forming a core community of cloud transformation leaders looking to help shape the solution and gain early access.

The Problem We Solve

Companies are moving their applications to the cloud to improve business agility.  Kubernetes and containers have become the de facto enabling technology for this transformation. But Kubernetes does not address the requirements for compliant data protection, availability, security and performance.  Managing persistent data in this environment is still a laborious, but required, task.
  • Data management capabilities must be stood up for each application environment: projects can bog down, and “Shadow IT” initiatives can cut corners.
  • Changing environments requires error-prone maintenance and system downtime: once deployed, “agile” container apps stay put─ typically overprovisioned.
As a result, cloud transformation stalls:  agility goes down, costs go up, and data control can be lost.

What We Offer

  • Nuvoloso software provides enterprise data services such as container storage, protection, availability, security and high performance to Kubernetes applications in the cloud.
  • Resource provisioning and management operations are automated ─ delivered in a consistent, auditable, end-to-end process based on application needs.
  • The solution is built on a wholly new architecture and use model, optimized for modern cloud resources and service delivery.

Nuvoloso enables you to deploy, run and evolve applications with maximum agility  and at the same time, increase data control beyond what is achievable in on-prem environments.

The Nuvoloso Approach

Nuvoloso runs with Kubernetes in your cloud environment, allowing you to modernize applications and deliver quick initial wins without re-architecting your entire inventory.  App owners can “order” capabilities to meet service level objectives (SLOs) based on desired outcomes, not technical implementation.  Nuvoloso virtualizes the cloud resources and performs operations to deliver SLOs without administrator involvement.  Centralized governance of the environment is maintained to ensure compliance and optimal resource utilization.

Post-migration, if you move workloads or if data requirements change, you can seamlessly evolve  data management services without maintenance or system downtime.  Nuvoloso delivers these same capabilities when you refactor or re-architect workloads to gain advantage.  And Nuvoloso is designed to support portability across clouds, so that downstream, you can avoid cloud vendor lock-in, and capitalize on new innovation.

Contact Nuvoloso to lean more about how you can deliver quick transformation wins, while assuring increased agility and data control.

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